Dr. Elize Bolton

About Dr. Bolton

Dr. Elize Bolton

Dr. Bolton began her career as a Gynecologist/Obstetrician in 2003 and has gained a wealth of experience practising both in Australia and overseas.

Dr. Bolton is currently practising out of the Celebrate Women medical practice. You can book an appointment with her there.

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Dr. Elizabeth Bolton, or “Elize” as she is affectionately known among her colleagues, has made a significant impact on the medical community over the past 20 years. Originally from South Africa, she journeyed to Bundaberg two decades ago, where she quickly established herself as a dedicated and compassionate obstetrician.

Dr. Elize Bolton

Following a few years at Bundaberg Hospital, Elize was recruited to a senior position at Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane, the largest maternity hospital in Australia. There, she gained extensive experience in managing high-risk pregnancies, pre-term births, and mentoring junior colleagues. She was also the clinical lead for the refugee and ATSI Women’s Health Services.

Elize returned to Bundaberg in 2016 to become the Director of the Family Unit at the Bundaberg Hospital. She played a significant role in leading the team’s remarkable efforts to keep the Family Unit operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, Elize is excited to return to direct clinical care and continuity. She will be seeing Obstetric and Gynaecology patients through her practice operating from “Celebrate Women”. Births will be at the Family Unit, Bundaberg Hospital; Gynaecology admissions at the Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Gynaecological Fees

Gynaecology consultation$270 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Extended gynaecology consultation (one hour to address complex or multiple issues)$380 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Gynaecology review$120 (Medicare will rebate $40.85)
Returning patients greater than twelve months$200 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Mirena insertion$200 (Medicare will rebate $75.05)
Colposcopy$240 (Medicare will rebate $59.80)

Obstetrics Fees

Initial Antenatal Consultation$270 (Medicare will rebate $80.00)Initial Visit - Roughly 40 minutes
Subsequent Antenatal Consultation$120 (Medicare will rebate $44.15)Approximately 14 visits during a routine pregnancy (including Postnatal Visits)
Pregnancy management Fee$2750 (Medicare will rebate $348.80)Deposit at 20-24 weeks, full payment at 28-32 weeks.
DeliveryNo gap fee charged for most major health fundsSee note below.
Final Antenatal Consultation$150 (Medicare will rebate $67.15)Final Visit - Roughly 30 minutes


Please contact the Celebrate Women medical practice to make an appointment with Dr Bolton.