Dr. Wickham and Dr. Bolton in surgery

For Health Professionals

The doctors operating from the practice have now expanded their services and consulting hours to be able to offer obstetric care from preconception through to delivery and postpartum, as well as a full range of gynaecology services.

The doctors we support make it a priority to communicate with their patients’ General Practitioner. Drs Wickham and Bolton are happy to accept calls from their patients for phone advice or questions. Our admin team have been instructed to put calls through where we are able, or take a number for us to call back if they are operating or are otherwise unavailable.

Written referrals may be sent either electronically or traditionally. Patients are able to contact us directly for appointments with their doctor.

Consultation hours are Monday - Thursday 0830 - 1630, and Friday 0830 to 1500.

Celebrate Women’s rooms are located within the Friendly Society Private Hospital Medical Suites. Gynaecology admissions are at the Friendly Society Private Hospital, Pregnancy admissions are at the Family Unit, Bundaberg Hospital.