Dr. Wickham consulting with a patient and her toddler


Obstetrics Care for Bundaberg and the Wide Bay!

We are excited to announce the doctors consulting from Celebrate Women provide the full range of pregnancy care, from planning a family through to welcoming your new child:

  • Preconception counseling and advice
    • Assisting you to optimise your health and fertility for a safe and happy pregnancy
  • Fertility workup
    • Assessment of couples who have difficulty conceiving
    • Medications to increase ovulation through to advanced technologies
  • Early pregnancy care
    • Assessment and management of complications such as bleeding or pain
    • Counseling about tests available for prenatal screening (e.g. for Down Syndrome)
    • Early initiation of preventive management for women with medical complications, or previous pregnancy complications e.g. pre-term birth, pre-eclampsia, diabetes
  • Antenatal Care
    • Monitoring your health and your baby’s growth and development
    • Education regarding choices for birth, that are individualised to your and your baby’s health and your own preferences
  • Birth
    • The birth of your child is an amazing time and your doctor would be honoured to help you in this journey.  Ensuring the health and wellbeing of a new family requires paying attention not only to your physical health, but also to your concerns regarding the birthing process, pain relief options and the requirements of caring for a newborn infant.
  • Postpartum Care
    • Birth is only the beginning of your parenting journey. Your doctor will remain available to you in the newborn period to support both your physical and emotional health.

To help you plan your pregnancy, your doctor’s obstetrics fee schedules can be found here.